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VIDEO: Bláznivý koniec! Obaja bojovníci sa súčasne poslali úderom dole, no postavil sa len jeden a zvíťazil na KO (Eder Lopes vs Diogo Neves)

Eder Lopes vs Diogo Neves
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VIDEO: Bláznivý koniec! Obaja bojovníci sa súčasne poslali úderom dole, no postavil sa len jeden a zvíťazil na KO (Eder Lopes vs Diogo Neves)

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One Minute #BREAKDOWN: Hook vs Hook!!! One Man KOed, One Man (@eder_lopes_k.o_team) gets up Victorious!!! . Results. Consequences. Outcomes. We sometimes have a tendency to fixate on them. Then we will attempt to use them to look back with judgement; ‘here’s where Fighter A made a Brilliant Choice, Fighter B made a mistake…’. This is flawed thinking, an artificial exercise of our minds in an attempt to explain something complex using whatever limited understanding we have. In peak performance, these athletes are not voluntarily making ‘decisions’ or ‘choices’. If they’re performing in the desired state of freedom, they’re simply getting out of their own way and watching their bodies and minds express their training. This is a thesis about fighting (and other high stress performance) that I’ve been developing: THE BRAIN WILL PERFORM, THE WAY ITS BEEN PROGRAMMED TO PERFORM, IF THE ARTIST IS IN AN OPTIMAL STATE OF FOCUS AND AROUSAL. There’s a lot here, and we’ll talk about different aspects of this in the coming months. But, for now, this thought: The moments that we see are simply a reflection of the physical, mental, creative, emotional and spiritual preparation that’s been done. And the results, outcomes and consequences were shaped in the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years leading into the contest. Why is it important not to aggressively judge results? Because it distracts us from studying whats important- the process. We do not control outcomes. But we have a ton of influence on our processes. Study your process. Trust your process. Improve your process. Enjoy The Hostilities My Friends. . . . . . . . Thank you @officialenfusion for your decades of wonderful Martial Arts. Follow Enfusion now! . #bink #ko #punch #martialarts #boxing #kickboxing #muaythai #mma #ufc #philosophy #training #growth #mindset #growthmindset #physics #epic #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #athlete #fitness #collision #speed #movement #flow #grit

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